Private William Henry Sharp(e)

William Sharpe, known as Bill, was born at Wrangle in 1889, the eldest of the nine children of Charles Melson Sharp and his wife Emma. He was the brother of Herbert Henry Sharp who died of wounds in France in 1918. William enlisted with the 10th Battalion of the Lincolnshire regiment, also known as the Grimsby Chums. He was transferred to the Labour Corps at some point – soldiers were usually put into this regiment when they were not fit enough to serve in the main regiments. William was severely wounded in France, but it is unknown at which battle. He was brought back to England and spent about four years in Wharncliff hospital in Sheffield where he died from his wounds on 9th December 1920. He had a special invalid bed with wheels, so presumably he was paralysed. William is buried in Stickford Churchyard.

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